Thai Massage

Mei Li Soothing Massage provides Thai Massage sessions to relax the muscles by releasing the knots and stress.

In Reno, Nevada, USA, we are a famous Thai massage spa located in the city's heart. Our therapists are hand-picked hence has training from Thailand with years of experience to provide you with an authentic, traditional Thai massage session.

After the concourse, it will leave your body feeling reinvigorated and refreshed. You can also enjoy our other spa services to pamper yourself further! Our team understands the therapeutic impact and believes in providing you with the best experience in a soothing and relaxing ambiance.


Why Opt For Thai Massage & What Is It?

We offer various massage services such as deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, light relaxation massage, acupressure and reflexology, aromatherapy, and many more, so book your date for rejuvenating yourself.

Each therapist has a unique style! On your first meeting, feel free to ask questions about what they specialize in before booking your appointment! If you are looking for something different from just a regular massage, you are in the right hands.

Why Choose Us For Thai Massage Services?


We are a customer-centric service provider! To offer you the best type of massage, our team uses the best quality products and suitable strokes for the ultimate experience.


Asian Thai massage is an ancient system used for manipulating and kneading the muscles and tissues of the body. The postures allow you to stretch the body and strokes for compression. The therapist will use their elbow, palm, thumb, and foot pressure for better impact.


Your satisfaction is our responsibility! We have the arrangements such as essential furniture that helps to create an ambiance and mood. Therefore, please allow us to serve you better.


We have clients approaching us according to their budget. Hence we have designed packages accordingly so that we can serve everyone. However, there is no compromise in the quality or the time, so get in touch with us for the hassle and stress-free massage session.

If you wish to find massage therapies for an authentic and exotic experience, then you are in the right place.

It is beneficial for you and helps restore the body system by promoting better functions of the organs.

Please make a call to schedule your appointment with us!

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